Our mission is to make sure that no woman falls short of her potential for success because she is not seen & heard.

At The Seen & Heard Project®, we have two goals - to empower women to overcome internalized unconscious bias and to create workplaces where women belong.

We know that creating conscious, inclusive organizations takes commitment and hard work. We also know that your organization's culture begins and ends with your people. That's why we make it our mission to do the transformational work that goes deeper than simply showing employees what to do. We help them overcome the barriers that stand between where they are at this moment in their professional development and their ability to live your values and lead from a place of authenticity, empathy, self-possession and drive.

I come to the work of DEI consulting through a different path than most. I started my career building conflict management systems for troubled communities in NYC. Working with schools, community courts, correctional institutions, and families, I learned that even the most entrenched, power-imbalanced cultures can be changed when each member has a voice. 

But having a voice isn't as easy as one would think. 

Growing up painfully shy and the first generation child of African immigrants, I know how being otherized can rob one of their ability to speak up. Women are repeatedly told to "be assertive." That advice doesn't work for most of us. I created The Seen & Heard Method™ because I know from experience that telling a quieted person how to communicate will never be enough. Reclaiming and using one's voice is a transformational process that demands that we understand how identity, lived experiences, social expectations and our relationship to power impacts our ability to use our voices for self-advocacy and connection.

Our approach works. We're incredibly proud of that our coaching and masterclass clients report feeling up to 80% more confident after working with us.

The Seen & Heard Project®'s methodologies are informed by quantitative and qualitative research, proven approaches to personal development and culture change, and twenty (+) years of experience as my background as an attorney, certified organizational ombudsman, mediator, executive coach, negotiation and conflict resolution teacher, and my own journey to recover from shyness. 

(By the way, the + is because, when needed, I partner with seasoned, skilled consultants to meet our client's needs and offer our students robust learning experiences.)

Some of The Seen & Heard Project®'s accomplishments include working with Fortune 500, mid-sized and startup companies, academic institutions, and non-profits to - 

  • Coach and train over 3000 people to communicate with impact, authenticity, empathy, and power

  • Develop conflict resolution systems and safe space reporting mechanisms saving millions of dollars in lost productivity, litigation, and reputational costs

  • Develop and enhance climate surveys to measure essential elements in cultures of belonging

  • Write and roll out codes of conduct and performance measurement tools that bring company values to life and create behavioral goals for employees - even the ones who don't naturally believe that diversity matters

  • Deliver international, company-wide unconscious bias, ethics and conflict management training programs creating internal D&I ambassadors and well functioning teams

We work with innovative, well-intentioned companies whose tone from the top clearly articulates diversity as a core value. 

We help you transform the middle (the place where the best intentions can get lost) and empower employees from underrepresented identity groups so that you can build a company culture where every member feels she belongs. 

Oh, a few more things about my professional life:

  • I received my BA in International Relations from Wellesley College (Go, Wellesley!)

  • I received my JD from Columbia University School of Law

  • I am a Certified Organizational Ombudsman and Mediation Trainer

  • I sit on the Board of the Scheinman Institute on Conflict Resolution at Cornell University

  • During my years as an attorney, I was a domestic violence litigator in NYC and a corporate attorney specializing in employment and transactional law.

I look forward to meeting you and telling you more.

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