We Build Cultures of Inclusion.

At The Seen & Heard Project®, we study and transform human behavior. We understand that inclusive cultures require more than good intention and policies. Our work, grounded in research and behavioral science, helps us meet your employees' deepest needs for belonging, achievement, and fearless leadership. We are experts at helping your employees overcome the barriers that stand between where they are at this moment in their professional development and their ability to live your values and lead from a place of inclusion authenticity, empathy, self-possession and drive.



How do you know if your diversity & inclusion efforts are working?

We know that a key measure of your success is whether your employees feel a sense of belonging on their teams and and in your organization. We offer several research-based assessment tools to measure where your culture stand in the following key areas:

  • Belonging (we measure 5 essential areas that research shows are the foundation of belonging and inclusion)

  • Manager Preparedness - How well do your managers uphold your policies and provide safe spaces when things go wrong?

  • Leveraged Performance Measurement - Do you reward and require inclusion?

  • Conflict Competency - Can your employees effectively manage differences?


Training Inclusive Leaders

Bias, personality differences, stress, and misunderstandings are the leading causes of interpersonal conflicts within organizations. In fact, research shows that an inability to effectively manage the differences inherent in conflict, competing needs and diversity of all kinds consumes at least 20% of manager's time every day. And that's in healthy environments. Our leadership training programs equip your employees to lead, manage, and confidently navigate challenging relationships and interactions, efficiently, effectively, and (conscious and unconscious) without fear.

Our most popular workshops include:

  • The Consciously Inclusive Leader

  • Unconscious Bias Inside Out - Releasing the Stereotypes that Stand in the Way of Authentic Leadership

  • Seen & Heard at Work (for men, introverts, or specially targeted groups who want to use their voices to inspire and lead)

  • Leveraging Difference for Growth (offered for teams and those responsible for organization change)

  • Mastering Courageous Communications - Conflict Management Training for Leaders


Safe Spaces, Reporting Mechanisms, and Preparing Front Line Leaders to Manage allegations and Policy Violations

You've done the work of educating employees about your company values, policies, and expectations. But where do your employees go when something goes wrong? Research shows that when companies do not have established, trusted, safe-space reporting mechanisms, their next stop is their direct manager. If their concerns are ignored or poorly managed, employees are more likely to seek external resources for resolution. We have deep experience in developing confidential dispute resolution systems and in preparing people managers, business resource group leaders, and trusted allies to act as resources when your anti-harassment, discrimination, or ethics policies are violated.