Unlocking the full potential of women in business is our expertise.

Our training programs and signature talks are based on The Seen & Heard Method - our research based teaching framework that is proven effective in helping women overcome the unspoken blocks that keep her from commanding the room, leading with authority and sharing her ideas. Through mentoring, education and coaching, Women Prepared to Lead helps women reach beyond their limitations and become the strong leaders that companies need to succeed. 

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The Seen & Heard Masterclass

The Seen & Heard Masterclass is an immersive 6-month course ideal for women exhibiting leadership promise. This virtual, transformational course offers participants a confidential learning environment in the company of peers. Combining 1:1 Executive Coaching, Group Coaching, 360 Assessments,Training, and Mentoring, participants will learn to:

  • Understand the Promise and Pressure Inherent in Living at Intersecting Identities

  • Learn about The Wheel of Silence™ and How Their Voice Story Impacts Their Ability to be Seen & Heard

  • Develop Their Personal Brand and Understand How to Leverage Their Strengths in Your Current Company Culture

  • Cultivate Leadership Presence

  • Embrace Self-Promotion

  • Master Speaking with Influence

  • Confidently Engage in Networking & Relationship Building

  • Comfortably Give and Receive Feedback

  • Understand How to Manage & Leverage Conflict and Difficult Conversations


Seen & Heard Circles

Success is harder when you try to achieve it on your own.

Seen & Heard Circles offer women an opportunity to be a part of an intentional, highly-leveraged, peer mentoring group that will help them reach their goals in a community of support. Our circles are facilitated groups of 6-8 women who will work together to provide group support, reflection and courageous action as each member implements The Seen & Heard Method™ principles in the workplace everyday. 

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Workshops, Speaking & Webinars

We offer customized workshops and speaking events, delivered virtually or on site, for events, teams, business resource groups, and leadership retreats. 

Our popular topics for women's groups include:

  • Find the Courage to be Seen & Heard® at Work - Essential Steps to Reclaiming Your Voice, Embracing Visibility and Cultivating Influence in Your Career

  • Authority and Influence for Quiet People

  • CourageousVisibility - Essential Steps to Expanding Your Network and Building a Reputation as a Trusted Expert

  • Speaking with Power & Grace - How to Manage Difficult Conversations, Difficult Environments, and Difficult People

Please see our Leadership Training Programs for additional topics and contact us for more information.