Seen & Heard Method® Coaching


Wokie is a gifted deep listener and coach for women like me who are leaning into the discomfort (gift) to become fully and powerfully self-expressed.

Seen & Heard Method® coaching is a framework developed to help women leaders of any and every background, including you, understand and leverage your identity, personal story and experience so that you can find and use your voice in even the most difficult working environments. It is a game changer for women, and particularly women from diverse backgrounds who find that traditional communication advice - be bold, brave, and assertive - can actually backfire and does not address the unique challenges that we, as women, face when we want to use our voices to power, freedom and progress.

Through coaching inquiry, self-assessment, actionable lessons, and real-time assignments, this unique program will help you overcome fear, hesitation and the challenge of not knowing what to say when it counts. 

You will become a more persuasive leader, more proficient at advocating for yourself and others, and finally trust yourself enough to take the professional and personal risks necessary to advance your career and build the life you want. 

What does it mean to be Seen & heard?

  • It means redefining what you believe about your voice and visibility.

  • It means having a healthy relationship to your identity, your power, and your agency-- no matter what.

  • It means being your own best advocate.

  • It means knowing exactly what you want to say and saying it effortlessly.

  • It means having the confidence and skills to speak to anyone, in any environment, so that you are showing up and being heard the way you want to be heard.

  • It also means never again allowing your contributions go unnoticed and making the difficult leap from workhorse to leader that quieted women rarely make with success.

  • It means making sure that you are speaking your truth with grace, and never allowing anything or anyone (not even that voice in your head) silence you again.

How does it work?

We will spend three months together to completely redefine your relationship to your voice. In this time you will understand and overcome the Wheel of Silence™ that robs women of their ability to speak up. Together we will get clear on how you need to be seen and heard and create & implement a personal strategy that’s aligned with what you need to shift in order to advance your personal and professional agenda. 

Here’s what we’ll cover in our 3 months together –


    • We’ll dig deep to understand exactly where in life you lost your confidence, so we can examine why. This might be hard, but it’s also necessary for us to see where you lost your power. Then, we’ll process the loss in a way that empowers you to reclaim your voice as your own. You’ll also learn tools to identify when and where you’re blocked so you are armed with everything you need for the future.


    • Perhaps you want to be a thought leader & develop a signature talk, perhaps you are in a new role and want to establish your authority, or maybe you just want to plan for further career advancement and position yourself for new opportunities. We’ll customize this month to your needs, and create a unique statement and program to get you on (or to) the stage that’s appropriate for you. So you can finally say hello to the influence, spotlight, and truth you desire.


    • Here is where the real practical work comes into play because I will be right by your side - cheering you on, scripting, mentoring, and advising you while you take action towards your dreams.



Wokie is a master at communication with the uncanny ability to cut through the layers and get to the heart of any issue. She helped me come up with an understanding and approach that enabled me to confidently and successfully deliver my message.


My clients call me a Secret Weapon for Women Who are Tired of Being Quiet. Collaborating with you as you amplify your voice is my superpower.

I can't wait to meet you!